Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Question of the day

Many sites require you to have an ID and a password in order to be a user on that particular site. I believed this is very important to have and something that we need to keep safe. On certain website we view or go on we may have information that is needed to keep private or away from the eyes of other. So since this is the case we would want to be responsible and make sure that we keep out ID and password safe. Even if our closes friend want it just to have even if we forget it we would want to take pre-caution with that. They can loose it themselves or even being imperfect nosey human beings that we are go on your account to see what you got hiding or the things or account information that you want to keep private. So to avoid all of that you would want to write it down and place it somewhere you can get it when you need it and where no one else can reach it. So we can see the important of having an ID and password and be grateful for the person that came up with it.

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