Friday, September 18, 2009

Etiquette pt2

What will happen if a person breaks the etiquette rules or guidelines? Well first thing that comes to your mind is that discipline should be taking place in order for that person to learn not to do it again or to learn from his mistakes. Over the years it seem that etiquette slowly withered away. We want to make sure that we still show etiquette in all we do. Show respect for ourselves and people no matter background,nationality or heritage they may come from. The different small etiquette we can work on are opening the door for people, writing thank-you notes to people that have done an act of favor to you and arriving on time to a place you were invited to, so you wont hold others up. By us practicing etiquette and implying they in our daily lifes will make a better person, and also help others to see the importants of doing the same in the shamble world we live in today.

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